Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stuff - a neighbor shared this with me. Love it


When we come into this world we don't have any stuff, but come naked and we are a angry about being disturbed and taken from such a nice warm place.  Now our parents knew we were not going to have any stuff so they bought us some stuff and put it in a special room to hold our stuff.  As we grew older, we got a lot more stuff and needed dressers and closets, and places to keep our stuff.  Sometimes if our stuff got borken - we would get new stuff.  When we got to be teenagers, we got jobs and had money so we could get more stuff, and we got a lot of stuff.  Some of our stuff by that time was old, too small, or broken and so we got rid of some stuff, but quickly replaced it with more stuff.  Then we got married and brought our stuff together with another person's stuff and got a lot more stuff.  As we grew older we got better  and better jobs and promotions and boy could be buy stuff!  We got cars and boats and lake cabins and more places to put stuff.  When we retired from the office the gang at work gave us stuff to remember them by.  As we grew older our house and cabin at the lake were filled with stuff but it seemed we could always find room for more stuff.  Oh, we had some the most beautiful stuff and we even used banks and things to store some of the stuff.  We has red stuff and green stuff and big stuff and small stuff.  We had stuff in the garage, the bedroom, the living and dining rooms and lots of places.  We gave our kids more stuff and we found lots of occasions to celebrate by giving more stuff.  Then one day, much to our surprise, we died and we didn't need anymore stuff....and now someone else has to get rid of all our stuff.


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